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Welcome to the BnB Financially Free podcast, hosted by Chantal Duame and Peter Hu from Good Neighbor. Join us as we dive into exciting conversations with ambitious individuals who share their experiences and insights on transforming earned income into passive income through short term rental investing. Our podcast offers a perfect blend of practical strategies and inspiring stories, featuring a diverse range of guests - from industry gurus to everyday people who have achieved extraordinary results in their STR investments, businesses, and personal lives. Whether you’re seeking tactical advice or simply chasing your best life, bnb Financially Free is here to join you in the journey.

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Friday May 10, 2024

Join Chantal to discover if self managing makes sense for you. Chantal discusses her systems to spend an hour or less managing her portfolio through systems, hiring the right team and automations. Self management is not for everyone, but it is a great option for people wanting to save 20% to maximize their return. 

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Chantal and Travis get together to talk about why investing in short term rentals was not the right strategy for long time real estate investor and hard money lender, Travis. This is a super fun conversation about determining what real estate strategy makes most sense for you! Travis also shares insight for those considering a BRRRR BNB and using hard money loans to finance your purchase and benefit from sweat equity. Travis has been an investor since 2009 and shares fundamentals of real estate investing which is so inspiring for anyone trying to build long term wealth through real estate. This episode is for anyone looking to hear more about why short term rental investing might not be for everyone and is also so encouraging for anyone wanting to build a real estate portfolio over time. 
Get in touch with Travis here:

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Join Chantal and Blake Dailey as they dive into investing into boutique hotels. Blake has a great story where he started off by house hacking and leveraged that knowledge into buying a few small hotels which snowballed him into buying a 130 unit, 7 million dollar hotel! Blake talks about how to find, analyze and manage hotels and makes buying them seem not so scary. The coolest thing is that at the time of this podcast recording Blake had newly quit his W2 job and had accomplished building his portfolio while working full time. Blake is launching a Boutique Hotel Conference which is taking place September 13th-15th in Knoxville TN!
Blake Dailey
Chantal Duame
Boutique Hotel Conference: 

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Join Chantal and Kyle James of Atomic stays as they dig into what top earning properties do differently than the rest. Kyle not only has his own portfolio of properties that blow his competitor out of the water but he manages over 100 other short term rentals. Kyle shares insights on making properties experiential and talks key things to look out for during the purchase process to give you the best chance of high revenue.

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Join Chantal as she chats with Thomas Barry founder of Hosting from the Heart on catering to a high end clientele in top ski destinations throughout Colorado. Thomas has such a great story and she shares how he started as a yacht hand and rose up to captain, managed billionaire estates and now owns and operates some of the top performing properties in Luxury markets. We dive into who the guest avatar is, systems for providing concierge services and modeling guest experience after some of the top luxury hotel brands. Thomas provides an honest look at what operating a luxury home requires while also proving the incredible financial opportunity for investors in this niche.
To get in touch with our team to purchase a unicorn property find us at

Rural Market, Unreal Revenue

Thursday Feb 22, 2024

Thursday Feb 22, 2024

Join Chantal and Tyler Rowland as they break down Tyler’s highly lucrative first short term rental purchase in a remote mountain market. Tyler talks about launching his short term rental while  working his W-2 job, calculating risks, and getting over some of the fears to take leap into Real Estate investing. Tyler talks about the importance of knowing your neighbors, and being an asset to the community. He also talks about creating a new business in managing rentals for owners in this small town through leveraging his cleaning team. This is such an inspiring story to show how “normal” people are experiencing life-changing results off of one great investment property.
Show Notes: 

Thursday Feb 08, 2024

Ciara Salayandia and Chantal sit down to discuss how Ciara purchased a commercial property as her very first investment purchase! She talks about finding the deal, creatively funding it and all that really goes into running a successful campground. Ciara is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't hold any of the details back. She is passionate about educating people on how they can accomplish big deals as well. Ciara previously worked as a first responder and didnt come from wealth and she discusses the importance of creating a community around you to help equip you with the knowledge needed to acquire larger deals. Her campground Basecamp is located in rural Colorado and is equipped with 20 RV spots, 20 KOA cabins, a convenience / liquor store and gas station. She has hired out her operator and while it's not exactly passive, she is able to manage it remotely. 
You can connect with Ciara on instagram @Ciarasal and find out more about her incredible campground at or on instagram @basecampatgolden

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

Join Chantal Duame, the co-founder of Good Neighbor Realty, for a solo episode packed with valuable insights on financing your next short-term rental purchase. With her extensive experience, Chantal explores a variety of financing methods, including primary residence loans, second home loans, investment property loans, creative financing, and commercial options.
Having not only built her own 7m real estate portfolio she has also assisted hundreds of investors in acquiring short-term rentals. Chantal offers practical information and expert advice on navigating the financing landscape. For those looking to scale their portfolio, leverage is often a critical piece, considering the substantial costs associated with real estate investments.
Tune in for a content-rich episode that delves into the practical aspects of acquiring your next investment property. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the real estate game, Chantal's insights will prove invaluable in your journey towards building a successful portfolio.

Thursday Jan 04, 2024

We are thrilled to start the year with John Andrew, the founder of Wander. John Andrew and his company have successfully acquired over $40 million in real estate and are experiencing rapid growth. They have also started establishing partnerships with owners of extraordinary real estate in prime locations. Wander is revolutionizing the way people travel, combining the luxury of hotel stays with the convenience of short-term rentals. Their users are raving fans. John Andrew is a young and highly accomplished tech entrepreneur, who reminds us of a young Brian Chesky.

Thursday Dec 21, 2023

Many dream of breaking free from the corporate grind by building enough passive income to replace their strategy, so we brought on Mike Brockway, who did just that.
Mike is a full-time real estate investor who has achieved financial freedom through building a real estate portfolio. He is also an incredible networker and connector which has led to even more success in his investment journey.
In this episode, we will discuss how Mike made the leap, how he scaled his real estate portfolio, and how he operates several of the top short-term rentals surrounding the Denver metro area.
Whether you're considering a similar leap or intrigued by the intricacies of building a real estate portfolio, this episode offers practical wisdom and firsthand experiences from Mike Brockway's journey.


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